Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The best hit song of 2008

Big Bang’s ‘Haru Haru’ has been enthroned the best hit song of 2008.

Big Bang released the hit song ‘Haru Haru’ in August and the song made its way up to the #1 positions on various charts fast, proving to be a popular hit. Even though it is 2 months after promotional activities for the song has ended, the song continues to receive lots of love from fans. The song was #9 on Cyworld ‘Hall of Fame’ on 20th October, surpassing Kim Dong Ryul’s ‘Like a child’ and MC Mong ‘Circus’ which was released much earlier this year, and is announced to be the highest ranking hit song of 2008.

This is their second year in making into the top 10 positions on the chart after the song ‘Lies’ in 2007. But ‘Lies’ took 3 months to get into the top 10 on the chart while ‘Haru Haru’ only took Big Bang 2 months, definitely a breakthrough in their previous record.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will be having their Japan ‘Stand Up Tour’ concert tour on 28th Oct, 29th Oct and 1st Nov, and will start their activities for their 2nd official album set to release beginning of November.

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