Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It’s Quiet Now lyrics are composed by Selina

S.H.E’s new song “It’s Quiet Now” lyrics are composed by Selina, hence she was to be the female lead in the MV. Management company asked Ethan Ruan from popular idol drama “Fated to Love You” to star in the MV, and they even organised to have a kiss scene between them. Selina revealed that she was very nervous before filming the kiss scene, and her heart kept beating rapidly. However, Ella and Hebe suggested to her to “just bravely go and kiss him, otherwise it won’t look natural.”

Sure enough, in the MV, Selina’s legs are wrapped around Ethan, and the 2 kiss like they have forgotten everything, and they didn’t even notice when Selina’s double eyelid tape fell. Last year, S.H.E’s new song “Mayday” invited Taiwanese band Mayday’s lead singer Ashin to star in the MV, and he also had a kiss scene with Selina, and even resulted in criticism from both parties’ fans.

The night before yesterday, S.H.E held a press conference for their new album. At the celebration party afterwards, during their performance, Ella’s earphones and microphones kept having problems, and she blamed herself for her poor performance and broke down into tears. Selina admitted that because she forgot the lyrics, and hence danced the wrong steps, she was mocked by her university classmates.

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