Monday, October 06, 2008

“Butterfly Lovers” in Hong Kong

Yesterday, Chun, Charlene and Director Ma attended the first premiere of “Butterfly Lovers” in Hong Kong. In just 5 more days, it will be Chun’s birthday and he joked and said that Charlene hasn’t even given him a present yet. He said that perhaps he should just go straight out and tell her what his birthday wish is, so rich lady Charlene can buy it for him. At the premiere, there was a small mock wedding ceremony and Charlene expressed that in real life, she hopes that she can have a very simple wedding with many close friends. She also said that Gillian was scared that there were too many people, so she did not attend, but she will personally go to the cinema to watch the movie to support Charlene!

At the premiere, the scene is very different from the tragic ending of the movie. Charlene, dressed in red, enters the scene in a palanquin, and Chun uses his sword from “Butterfly Lovers” to lift up the flap and welcome his “bride”. The whole scene was very romantic. Reporters and fans also helped them to heat up the atmosphere, and yelled out “Kiss her, kiss her”. The publics’ enthusiasm made Charlene feel a bit awkward, and Chun just pretended to not hear them. The 2 directors Director Ma and Chen Xiao Dong gave the pair a rattan as a gift, hoping that it will help Charlene to discipline her “husband”.

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