Monday, October 06, 2008

World of Andy Lau fan club

Andy Lau’s 47th birthday is at the 27th of September, “World of Andy Lau” fan club held an event titled “Andy Lau’s family music and dance gathering” last week, over thousands of fans from Hong Kong and other countries attended the event, which touched Andy Lau. And what surprised Andy Lau was that Su Hua Wei brought along the male (T36) 200 meters run gold medal which was won with a world record of 24.65 seconds to share the joy. Andy Lau felt that this is his best birthday present.

Andy Lau joined his fans for BBQ first and following next are more events for the night, Andy Lau watched the program prepared by his fans below the stage. The first performance was a dance performance by two sexy Samba women with fire-blowing performance. While Andy Lau was brought down from the stage by the two sexy Samba women, he displayed a “man in happiness” expression, which is quite funny. His two sons, Andox and Hak Chai presented a surprise to “mummy” Andy Lau, they presented a dance combining China traditional drums and cymbals with hip hop. All the fans sang “China citizen” to celebrate with “mummy”. Andy Lau invited Su Hua Wei on stage and dedicated the song “Everyone Is No.1” to him. Andy Lau praised Su Hua Wei for obtaining a great result in this year’s paralympic games and a round of applause can be heard from the crowds.

Scholarship for Outstanding Students

After watching the performances prepared by his fans such as China Ribbon dance, Kenken dance, Tahiti dance, Andy Lau suddenly invited Teacher Shirley Huang on stage to dance Latin dance with him. His fans got excited after they danced a few steps. Andy Lau also sang more than ten songs to express his gratitude to his fans and one of his fan shouted “I love you”. “World of Andy Lau” has prepared scholarship to encourage outstanding students and 10 outstanding students were chosen this year. Andy Lau plan to have a few days holiday around his birthday and later to have preparations for Australia concert. Andy Lau’s birthday wish is to have a better economy, everyone to be happy and healthy. He also hope that the raining season will leave SiChuan.

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