Monday, October 13, 2008

Charity fundraising event Stray Animals foundation

If you want Chen Qiao En to cry within 3 seconds, just let her see pictures of some stray animals! Qiao En declared that she treats animals better than person, she said "When I knew I'm nominated for Golden Bell Award, I didn't even cry but when I thought of those stray animals with no home to return to, my crying criteria will be lowered."

On the 12th, Qiao En attended the "Facility Centre for stray animals" fundraising event and when she saw the scnee of 800 small dogs being left to roam the streets, she was so upset that she started crying. As a dog lover, she has been very concerned about the problem of stray animals in Taiwan and Qiao En felt very honored to be able to attend the fundraising event and made use of the chance to appeal for the public to "Adopt instead of Buy, Sterilize instead of Kill". During the whole eventshe and host Gigi were very serious in selling the T-Shirts. With "Idol drama big sister"'s support, the shirt autographed by Chen Qiao En was sold for NT 38000 in the end, being the highest bid autographed by artiste shirt of the day. The 2nd highest bid shirt was Lin ChiLing's T-Shirt and it went for NT 9000.

Chen Qiao En has a scottish fold cat "Xiao Rou Bao" at home and she pampers it a lot. She said that "I'm worried that Xiao Rou Bao will be too lonely at home so no matter how expensive the toy is, I will still buy it for him. When we go out, I'll carry him and not let him have a chance to walk."

This charity fundraising event organised by the Home for Stray Animals foundation gathered many artistes to use their love to design T-Shirts to sell and the money raised through the sale was donated to the foundation to help the stray animals.

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