Monday, October 13, 2008

Detailed 2008 Seoul Hallyu Festival

The 2008 Seoul Hallyu Festival will take place from October 23rd to the 26th at Jamsil’s Stadium Special Stage and Indoor Gymnasium. The slogan for this year’s festival will be ‘Hi Seoul! Hi Hallyu!’ presenting a special celebratory concert by some of Korea’s most popular Hallyu stars.

Detailed festival programs will include a concert, fan meetings with the stars, and permanent exhibition events. Concerts will be held on October 24th and 25th at Jamsil’s Indoor Gymnasium and at Hodori Plaza located inside the Jamsil Sports Complex. Furthermore, during the festival period, the 2008 Seoul Hallyu Festival will feature daily fan meetings with internationally popular Hallyu stars such as Lee Min-woo (M). The festival will also provide various free exhibitions with Hallyu themes, including a Special Hallyu Exhibition and Hallyu Star Photo Exhibition.

Guest Stars
Lee Jun Ki
Super Junior Happy
Lee Min Woo (M)
Supernova (Cho Shin Sung)
Rose (Popera singer)
F.T. Island
Jang Nara

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