Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chinese actress Li Bingbing

Chinese actress Li Bingbing unveiled her wax figure at Shanghai's Madame Tussauds Wax Museum on Wednesday.

The new figure dons a Dior black and white dress and renders the moment when the star won the Best Actress award at China's Huabiao Film Award ceremony on August 26 last year.

"I had been in the showbiz industry for exactly 10 years when I got the award, so it's a very meaningful moment for me," Li Bingbing said in an interview with the Southern Metropolis Daily.

"The dress was the one I wore to the ceremony," she said, "At first, the wax museum asked me to talk with Dior, to see if we can make a copy of it. But the brand officials said, 'Don't worry, the dress is yours.' I was quite touched."

Madame-Tussauds Shanghai, which is celebrating its two-year landing in Shanghai, plans to add three new wax dolls this year. Each takes several months and more than one million yuan to make. The wax figure of Australian actress Nicole Kidman was put on show in September, while one of South Korean star Rain is still being made.

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