Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen are the best couple

Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zhong) and Lin Yi Chen are the best couple onscreen; Xiao Zhong’s family especially looking forward to the two going from reel to real. Unfortunately the two don’t telephone each other, from beginning to end not getting involved in rumours, however, when Zheng Yuan Chang recorded [Shen Chun Hua Life Show] last night, he revealed that he had previously been rejected by Lin Yi Chen, causing Lin Yi Chen to shriek loudly: “Really? You have pursued me before?"

Starting from the [It Started With a Kiss] series, Xiao Zhong and Lin Yi Chen play couples for the 3rd time in the new drama [Love or Bread]. Last night the two brought older Zheng sister Zheng Qi Xuan and younger Lin brother Lin Wei Sheng together to the show. Xiao Zhong said with a laugh, his entire family is very satisfied with Lin Yi Chen as "daughter-in-law", and even when his father bought his first digital camera, he immediately took pictures of Lin Yi Chen’s magazine photographs to carry around with him.

Because Xiao Zhong and Lin Yi Chen were both raised in single-parent families, they are very compatible in many ways; the two are not big spenders, and have very close relationships with family members. At yesterday night’s recording, the younger Lin brother took the initiative to help his elder sister carry luggage and close the car door; Xiao Zhong’s older sister was just going to the washroom, but Xiao Zhong was frightened and went looking for her everywhere, deeply afraid of his older sister going missing. The older Zheng sister has just gotten engaged, and she said with a laugh, the day of the engagement party Xiao Zhong was like a human cardboard cut-out, relatives and friends rushing to take pictures with him, completely stealing the spotlight of the bride, but she does not care, and instead feels very proud.

Accompanied by family members, the recording that night was full of non-stop laughter, but at the end the host Shen Chun Hua was moved to tears by Lin Yi Chen’s story. It was because Lin Yi Chen mentioned that when her maternal grandfather died of lung cancer, he gave her mother a gold necklace, but because her mother had to raise the children alone, the financial burden was heavy, in the end pawning off the necklace, only keeping the box and receipt. After earning money, she {Ariel} brought that receipt to a jeweller, and had a necklace exactly alike made to give to her mother as a 50th birthday present.

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