Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Come to Play aired on 3rd November

The Wonder Girls has accepted their sunbaenim, Kim Jong Kook’s calls.

The Wonder Girls will be recording MBC “Come to Play” hosted by Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee tomorrow with Kim Jong Kook and share small talks and affection as a senior and junior in the entertainment industry.

The Wonder Girls will be the assistants for Kim Jong Kook, who just finished his military duties this May and this will be his first tv show comeback. They are planning to have a series of witty talks and convos with Kim Jong Kook.

A staff member expressed, “Kim Jong Kook is planning to release his fifth album at the end of October (22nd October) and has similar (new album and song) debut dates as the Wonder Girls, causing a small battle (on who will be #1 on the music charts). Before that happens, they plan to meet the audiences with variety shows and entertain them by their eyes and ears.

Lately, Rain has also been accepting invitations to variety shows before his album release. Kim Jong Kook is adopting a similar strategy likewise.

Kim Jong Kook has made a commitment to tap the curiosity of viewers before his comeback by guesting on the popular variety show with the Wonder Girls.

This episode will be aired on 3rd November (tentative).

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