Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Taiwanese Idol Series

Taiwanese Idol Series [TKA] received a very good rating, even brought fame and popularity to the main two leads [Xiao Zhong] Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen; they were being chosen as the best onscreen couple too. The day before yesterday, the [husband and wife] get together to do some shopping for the coming Chinese New Year, Xiao Zhong just concentrating on the snacks while Lin Yi Chen has to control herself because she’s still on a diet.

The location has attracted about 600 fans to come and take a look at their idols, almost over crowded the whole street. One of the male fans, who got his shirt torn off among the crowd, immediately started off an argument with the bystanders; some of the fans were being pushed to the ground, the scene startled the both of them and they’ve decided to leave the place early. Xiao Zhong said: [I am ready to use NT$500,000 (About HK$125,000) to put them into about 10 Big Li Shi (Hong Bao) for my parents.]. And Lin Yi Chen is planning to purchase a ten millions (In New Taiwan Dollar) house for her family; this proves that Xiao Zhong and Lin Yi Chen are very filial.

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