Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cute Princess Rainie

Cute Princess Rainie is going to grow up, her hairstyle changes to centre parting bangs with the venus forehead showing her maturity. She changes into spaghetti stripes dress, showing a little of her cleaveage and beautiful legs, breaking through her past sexy limits. Rainie who is 24 years old shouts [Semimatured Declaration], changing from a girl to a woman.

After a year, Cute Princess Rainie Yang will be releasing her 4th Latest Album [Semimaturity Declaration]. Using [Semimaturity] as her new album's idea, the most important point is to let her fans hear Cute Princess is not only Cute. 24-year-old Rainie wants to transform to a little woman from a little girl, showing her sexy and tender side to everyone. Her new album starts from [Semimaturity], towards [Semimaturity]. Rainie has her own thinking, she says from 24 to 25, this is the stage of becoming matured, but she still wishes to keep the innocence of a child deep inside. The feeling is contradicting and ironic, so it is called [Semimaturity]! Rainie laughs 'my [Semimaturity Declaration] is to become an adult!'

Rainie's 2008 new style look is exposed, it has a little woman sexy style. 'Venus' hairsyle is going to bring in other new trend! From Ambiguous' bangs dolly hair, to Meeting Love's hairband girl, FreeGate's jellyfish hair, and even recent BLXH's boom hair, Rainie's new look always bring new trend and fashion. She sings [Semimaturity Declaration] in her new album. In the past, Rainie gives us a feeling of girl-next-door sweety. In order to show her sexy side, she changed her original bangs which covers her forehead, to centre partings which reveals her forehead. It shows her confidence in being sexy, thus, it is named Venus Hair! This new hairstyle which has the sexy feeling of the goddess Venus from ancient Greece satisfies Rainie very much. She says it got a [Semimaturity] feeling. It is worth mentioning, because her hairstyle leads a fashion trends among the girls, many fashion magazines trust her. For Rainie's new album, it is said that 12 magazines already invited her to be the cover. Rainie's semimatured style is going to capture all the covers of the magazines in the convenience stores (711)!

Breaking through her past limits, Rainie wears spaghetti striped short dress to show her semimaturity. She heartily drinks during her photoshoot in order to make herself a little tipsy for better pictures! To show her semimaturity style, the stylist specially exceeded Rainie's past limits, making her wear the super short dress which she has never dared to try. When she saw the clothes that the stylist matched for her, she screams "this is too much"! Rainie who seemed to be very extrovert and open is actually very reserved. Whether taking pictures or offscreen, she only dares to wear long skirts, viewing skirts above her knees as 'insulators'. She feels that her legs aren't beautiful enough. Even though the crew praises that her legs are very pretty, Rainie still doesn't have any confidence. To match the semimaturity's little woman feel this time, Rainie described it as a feeling of 'going all out' to try. When she wore the sexy dress, she kept saying that 'this is too revealing!' In order to look comfortable in front of the camera, she even got her mother to prepare some soju chicken. Rainie who doesn't drink often because of a poor drinking limit, tried to use wine to boost her courage to let herself pose for beautiful pictures. Unexpectedly, Rainie who drank a little wine was successful in boosting her courage. Her poses are very sexy and attractive. Rainie laughs 'soju chicken can also make people drunk, perhaps there isn't any!'

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