Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fantasy World Tour Live in Malaysia 2008

Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit managed to raise the temperature for their fans in Hong Kong recently. Expect them to do the same when the group plays Kuala Lumpur next month.

The boys certainly know how to please their fans, that’s for sure. Every word they said, every move they made, and every breath they took was greeted by loud cheers and screams from the 10,000-strong crowd at the Hong Kong Expo, during their second of two concerts on Sept 26-27.

Consisting of Aaron Yan, Wu Chun, Calvin Chen, and Jiro Wang, Fahren­heit is arguably the most popular boy band since F4; thanks largely to their boyish good looks, slick musical production and prominent exposure on popular Taiwanese TV dramas.

The group will be performing at the Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on Nov 15 as part of its Fahrenheit’s Fantasy World Tour Live In Malaysia 2008. The event is organised by Big Events.

The concert in Hong Kong was an extravagant production indeed, featuring a myriad of different sets and costumes for the boys, without which the concert would have been a much blander affair.

After all, music-wise, the songs they performed were largely the usual fare you’d expected from a group like them €“ upbeat dance numbers, mixed with romantic ballads and the odd hip-hop rap number thrown in as well. But coupled with the imaginative sets as well as the quartet’s seemingly boundless energy.

Although it did seem as though we were watching a series of different-themed mini concerts; to their credit, the boys pulled off each and every one of those segments with aplomb. They even did a decent impersonation of a rock band, with each member playing a different instrument to the song Cao Xi Huan Ni (Really Like You) €“ Wu on drums, Chen beat-boxing, Chen on keyboard and Wang with a particularly impressive performance on guitar.

Individually, the four of them managed to stand out in their own way as well. Chen had arguably the most time to impress, getting solo segments to show off his dancing, beat-boxing and his DJ-scratching skills as well. He later mentioned that he only got those solo slots because he was the only member who was not involved with any acting jobs at the moment, and thus had more time to practise for the concerts.

As for the rest, Wang impressed with both his electric and acoustic guitar playing, while Yan played the piano during a solo duet with guest artiste Liu Li Yang.

And last but not least Brunei-born Wu, the oldest member of the group at 29, got to play stunt swordsman, ‘flying’ down to the stage by wire for a cool seg­­ment of choreographed sword fights.

Individually, their singing and dancing skills are not exactly perfect; but together, they make up for their individual flaws by performing as one, cohesive unit.

Ultimately though, the success of a concert is measured by the response of the audience, and judging from the rapturous response, Fahrenheit can rest assured that they managed to raise the temperature to a suitably high level for their fans that night.

Fahrenheit’s Fantasy World Tour Live in Malaysia 2008 is organised by Big Events, and will be staged on Nov 15 at 8pm at Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Fans can purchase tickets from Sungei Wang Plaza, KL, Axcess outlets nationwide, online at www.axcess.com.my or via the Axcess hotline at 03-77115000. Tickets are priced at RM88, RM128, RM148, RM178, RM248, RM348 and RM388 (includes a RM3 Axcess fee). 988, the official radio station, is operated by The Star.

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