Monday, October 06, 2008

Wu Chun and director promoted the movie “Butterfly Lovers”

Wu Chun and director Ma Chu Cheng promoted the movie “Butterfly Lovers” yesterday at the “Butterfly Lovers Costumes Exhibition” and over hundreds of fans attended the event even thought it rained. Wu Chun introduced two sets of costumes which he used in the movie at the event and he even put on a red wedding dress and a phoenix head set on a model figure with Charlene Choi’s picture pasted on. Besides that, fans also celebrated his 10th October birthday with a peach shaped birthday cake and popcorns filled with red packets to wish for a good response from the public for his movie.

When Wu Chun was asked if wearing clothes for a girl or taking the clothes off a girl is easier? He replied: “Both are not familiar for me, this should be my first time wearing clothes on for a girl and the first time using a model figure, will get familiar later. (Is this really the first time?) I have tried giving my jacket to a girl and she will feel warm. (Is this some trick to make a girl happy?) I just wanted to make her warm.” As for the peach shaped birthday cake, this is his second time eating it. The first time was at a Taiwan television program two years ago.

Wu Chun will be having a concert at Hangzhou at his birthday this year, leaving him unable to celebrate his birthday but fortunately he needs to promote his movie these few days and thus he got the chance to travel to many places to meet his fans. He hopes to have more events so that he can receive birthday cakes and he can even eat as much cakes as he receives. As for birthday present, he replied: “I do not need, they can just buy tickets for my movies for their friends.” He also mentioned that he is not in Taiwan these few days and thus he did not receive any present from his friends but he hopes to celebrate with his family.

The movie will premiere at Brunei this 16th of October and this is his first time travelling to Brunei. Wu Chun admitted that he felt proud of himself and thus even thought he will be there for a day, he still feels happy. His family will attend to support him. The children of his sister will call him “uncle” when he appears at television, he laughed and said that they might not recognize him since he is wearing traditional costumes.

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