Thursday, October 09, 2008

Filming for Crows Zero 2

Lead actor Oguri Shun (25), recently ended filming for Crows Zero 2 (directed by Miike Takashi, opens next year). The filming which took place in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture ended in a climax fight scene where Oguri faced 149 opponents. As the character Oguri plays, Takaya Genji, graduates from Suzuran High School, Oguri is also graduating from this series where he has appeared twice. "It was a dream team. I did it with the intention of giving it my all," he said, without regrets.

Wearing iron-tipped boots which weigh a little less than 1kg, he alone confronts 149 people from his rival school. It's the scene Takaya marches boldly into. Oguri charges at full speed and attacks the masses of shaved heads. The staff and other cast members could be heard saying "Scary~" and "Amazing~". Even when the scene was re-shot at different angles and distances many times over, the tension in Oguri remains unchanged. This scene started at 8 in the morning, and continued well into sunset.

This appearance will be his last one for the series. "I wanted to walk away from it with a bang," he said. Oguri trained at the boxing gym every 3 days and also did weights. The surroundings also played a part in the change in his physical appearance as they had to overcome the grueling heat of filming through August.

Yamada Takayuki, Takaoka Sousuke and Kiritani Kenta from the first movie returns in the cast. Miura Haruma (18) makes his appearance this time. Oguri commented,"Guys in the late 20s like us can't keep on doing this. It's better to hand it over to the next generation." Miura said,"I definitely want to be a part of the next generation of Crows. I want to see what Oguri-san has." He will surely succeed in the Crows spirit Oguri has created.

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