Thursday, October 09, 2008

October 8 broadcast of Gold Fish

Well, both Jinu and Sean (aka Noh Seung-hwan) have gone their separate ways professionally, but Sean — who has since gotten married and had a couple adorable kiddies — is now again in the public eye by appearing on a variety program with his wife, Jung Hye-young. They’ll appear on the October 8 broadcast of Gold Fish, displaying their couple-y charm and dishing about life before and since marriage (the appearance also marks the couple’s four-year wedding anniversary).

To give you a taste of the aww-inducing sentiments expressed, Sean told of how “The very existence of my wife thrills me.” Jung Hye-young returned the feeling, saying, “My husband has no faults. I don’t see anything wanting in him.” (Are you gagging — out of affection! — yet? No really, it’s sickeningly sweet, but in a happy sort of way.)

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