Monday, October 13, 2008

The Four TVb attended a promotional function

The Four TVb siu sings Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Samuel Chan and Kenneth Ma attended a promotional function for The Four. The ratings haven’t been too high but hope it continues to do well and predict the finale to bring in ratings of 40 points. The recent results have only been average, last week at 28 points. Raymond thinks that the ratings have been affected by the falling share Markets.

As for the ratings, the cast members weren’t disappointed with the ratings. Raymond said “It’s the 8:30 time slot so the ratings have been pretty good. It has also been the first time we’ve worked together so t felt really different. In actual fact the ratings may have been affected because the share market has collapsed and no one is in the mood to watch TVB series. Not only Hong Kong residents watch the show as there are many subscribers overseas.”

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