Monday, October 13, 2008

Selena wins the Limbo competition

The cast played many games at the function. At the time Selena was going under the bar, next to her were Ron and Samuel who were fooling around and the bamboo stick fell onto Selena’s head. Luckily there were no injuries and afterwards said “It was actually painful lah, Ron and Samuel are really playful, luckily no one was injured.”

When referring to the news reports about Kevin Cheng dating 6 female stars recently Ron Ng was in full support of Kevin and expressed “I understand the magazines which may not be true and you wouldn’t really believe them. (Is he the play boy type?) He is cooler than me, when I first met him he didn’t really talk much but when you start to talk to him he’ll have a good conversation with you.” The “Good boy” Ron was asked whether he had any tips for Kevin? He said “As an artist you will eventually have these kinds of rumors and you have to get use to them. It’s like a game so you just play along, you have to be coordinated.”

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