Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jay Chou (Magician)

Jay Chou JieLun has many nicknames: 周董 Chou Dong (President Chou), 周大導 Chou Da Dao (Big Director Chou), 周幫主 Chou Bang Zhu ("Master" of the Chou Clan); now, 魔術師 Mo Shu Shi (Magician) has been added to the list. He carries a deck of cards with him wherever he goes, "showing off" his "treasure" (the magic tricks) constantly; for his new album 魔杰座/Capricorn, he even specially designed a "standoff" between a magician and a joker; the effect was both amazing and mysterious. Rather amusingly, when the very pregnant 陶晶瑩 Matilda Tao ChingYing (陶子 TaoZi) asked him why magicians like to use doves in their magic tricks, Magician Jay answered with a different type of humor. Laughing, he said, "Because the other birds are too big; this kind is just the right size." After saying this, Jay felt his answer was a bit inappropriate, and he hurried to add, "Nah, it's because doves represent peace!"

Jay's new album has officially been released. Many people were intrigued just by looking at his "Magician" and his 龍戰騎士 [Long Zhan Qi Shi] [Dragon Warrior], etc... the feeling was very mysterious! His sci-fi style has already made people sit up and applaud-- to say nothing of the 11 visually and auditorially spectacular MV's he filmed (which, together, cost almost $20,000,000 NTD). All of these elements together combined to make Jay's album the year's best-seller-- even before its official release! When asked about his creative inspiration, Jay laughed and said that, after watching Batman: The Dark Knight, he thought the Joker was very "diao" (cool). "So, for this album, I specially "created" both a Magician and a Joker. Additionally, the Joker's attire and look changes many times. He even has smokey eyes! It's all in the hope that we can change everybody's prior attitude or impression of 'clowns' as an object of ridicule."

As for Jay's love for magic, now, wherever the "Heavenly King" goes, the people at his side must have a pack of poker cards ready to allow him to "show off" his tricks at any time. Seeing his eyes, brimming with confidence, his fast and speedy tricks, and hearing his newest pet phrase: "This trick will definitely make you go wild!", it's obvious that he's thrown himself into magic with the same passion and persistence he uses when he's creating music. He even handed his fans a "raincheck": "For my next trick, I will make Taipei 101 disappear! I'll have to ask you fans to wait and see!"

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