Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coco Lee promoting her new song

Coco Lee has been dating wealthy businessman Bruce (Pic Above) for 5 years. Currently she is promoting her new song (I like watching movies)in Mainland China. She couldn't resist and revealed she will officially get married to her boyfriend this month. She is not in a hurry to have children because her boyfriend already has a daughter.

In the past Coco Lee has been a workaholic, but 5 years ago when she met Bruce she had reduced her workload. Coco said in an interview that she enjoys working. She entered the industry 14 years ago and almost every day she was fully booked. She could only think not to stop, but love had completely changed her. Coco hopes from now on she can spend half the time with her family. The other half she will use for work. The reporter asked where her wedding will be held? She said she could not reveal any specific details but it will held on a beach.

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