Monday, October 20, 2008

Jay Chou's magic teacher Chen Guan Lin

Patty Hou likes magic - on her new show with Jacky Wu, 'Wang Pai Da Ming Xing' (王牌大明星), Jay Chou's magic teacher Chen Guan Lin came to perform some magic. Chen revealed that Jay likes to learn tarot card and coin magic. Jacky then loudly teased Patty, saying 'He using all these to attract girls, the blur female host beside me was one of his victims.'

Jacky's words caused Patty to smile and nod shyly, she expressed that ever since young, she loves to watch magic, her favourite magician is 戴维考柏菲尔 (Translator's note: who is he?)

In the 4 magicians present, the one who let Patty exclaim the loudest was Jay's teacher. When she didn't understand how the tarot card could magically move by itself, Patty could only exclaim loudly, which led Jacky Wu to say, 'Now i know why you and Jielun(Jay) broke up, because everytime he performs magic, you always overreact.'

The odd thing was, every tarot card that Patty picked were red hearts, signifying that love was coming soon, letting her be very happy.

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