Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jay promote for his new album “Capricorn”

Earlier, Jay went on “Kang Xi Lai Le” to promote for his new album “Capricorn”. During the show, Jay revealed that during his relationship with Patty Hou, he would take her to eat appetizers, and after their break-up he would still phone her to see how she’s doing, indeed she is hard to forget.

While Jay was performing magic tricks, Xiao S kept pestering gossip off him, hoping that he would be distracted enough to tell the truth. Jay boldy admitted that during his relationship with Patty, he would take her to eat appetizers at local everyday places, and wouldn’t be afraid of being noticed, because the 2 would wear safety helmets to disguise themselves. He also said that she would sometime teach him english, but the results were very poor. And as for the rumour about Jiang Yu Chen having the keys to his house, Jay denied.

While watching Jay perform magic tricks, Xiao S purposely said to the camera for Patty to hear, “Your ex-boyfriend is very talented, your taste in men is really good, even I have fallen in love with him!”

Jay’s good friend also revealed that Jay loves to hide behind the curtains, under the bed, in the closet to scare people, “2 in 10 times, we will actually fall for it and get scared, the other times we act, and sometimes we will purposely let him hide for longer.” He also said that when sleeping, Jay would use a t-shirt as pants and when he wakes up, the t-shirt would have moved to the top of his body, hence his lower body is exposed for everyone to see!

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