Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fahrenheit and S.H.E played a joke on Chun’s birthday

The day before yesterday was Chun’s birthday, and during the concert rehearsal, the other 3 members of Fahrenheit and S.H.E played a joke on him, luckily there was a big birthday cake and crabs to celebrate afterwards. Chun said that his birthday wish is that he hopes he won’t lose another cellphone, because this year, he has lost a total of 6 cellphones, including the one he lost recently in Hang Zhou.

Yesterday, Fahrenheit and S.H.E held a concert in Hang Zhou. The day before that, during the rehearsal, S.H.E was initially supposed to come out in a jewellary box prop, but for some reason, the box wouldn’t open. The workers thumped and thumped, and it made the director very angry and he yelled out. The atmosphere was quite awkward, and it made Chun stiffly stuck on-stage. However, this was all fake, and the jewellary box opened revealing a huge birthday cake!

Chun suddenly realized what was happening, and he laughed and accepted this birthday blessing. He even grabbed the microphone and yelled out to fans outside, "Thank you for coming to celebrate my birthday with me!" Afterwards, the other 3 Fahrenheit members each ate 2 crabs, but "Food King" Chun confessed, "I think I ate too much birthday cake before."

Chun’s birthday wish is very straightforward, hoping that he won’t lose any more cellpones. The other 3 members of Fahrenheit joked saying that they should give him 10 cellphones as a birthday gift, and firmly bind it to Chun.

Losing 6 cellphones, Chun said that he doesn’t even have time to enter new numbers and his biggest trouble is that "friend’s numbers are all gone, I think my friends might think I’ve become alienated."

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