Monday, October 13, 2008

kwon Sang-woo casted My Love Next To Me

kwon Sang-woo had to give up his six pack.

For the new movie, "My Love Next To Me" casted Kwon as a patien whose muscles are paralyzed.

Until now, Kwon has kept up his muscular body. Now, for this movie he is losing weight and has tried to look like a diseased patient. He is trying to lost up to 15kg!

The movie director has filmed many documentaries, so he emphasizes reality in movies. So, he required his actors to transform into their characters fully.

He actually gained 15kg for "You are my Sunshine" as a country boy and then in the middle of filming the movie, he lost 12 kg! In addition he also tried to lose 10kg for the movie "Voice of Murderer" as the father whose child is kidnapped.

This new movie is a melodramatic movie taken place in a hostpial. Let's see how Kwon has changed in this film.

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