Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mandopop band F4

Singer-actress Josie Ho and Taiwan singer-actor Van Ness Wu are to star as voice actors in "LaMB," the first original high-definition animation production for Sony's Animax Asia.

"LaMB" is a future-set actioner in a prison camp where high-tech suits keep prisoners restrained but productive.

In production at Singapore animation studio Peach Blossom Media and concept arthouse Imaginary Friends Studios, "LaMB" is directed by Ryosuke Tei, with storyboards by Yasufumi Soejima. It will be released in 2009 on TV, online and mobile platforms.

Wu, part of the hit Mandopop band F4, previously starred in "Meteor Garden," the live-action TV series adaptation of bestselling female-skewed manga comic "Boys Over Flowers."

He will provide English and Mandarin dubs for the lead male protagonist, while Ho ("Exiled"), voices a villain in English and Cantonese. She previously provided Cantonese voices for "The Simpsons Movie" and "Kung Fu Panda."

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