Monday, October 20, 2008

Nicholas Tse and Gigi Leung returned to Hong Kong

Nicholas Tse and Gigi Leung returned to Hong Kong from Ji Nan yesterday and when asked about his relationship with wife Cecilia Zhang, Nicholas described is "Very good" and regarding the reports of his mother Deborah Dik having intentions of sending Lucas for training and letting him become a child star, Nicholas answered "I'm not inclined. Earlier on, some advertisers already tried to get Lucas to film their ads, but I didn't accept them. (What do you want Lucas to do?) The most important thing is to be a useful and successful person. Each field has their own successful people, where he works does not matter, most importantly is to have contributions to the society"

As for Gigi, she received presents from the fans that went to the airport to welcome her. She smiled and said that going on stage in Ji Nan was a very successful and happy event and then left hurriedly in the company's car.

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