Sunday, October 12, 2008

Moonlight Resonance cast held a celebration dinner

Yesterday night Moonlight Resonance cast held a celebration dinner at Central Wing Lung Bank Building hosted by TVB Vice Chairman Executive( i think that is what he is not sure ) Leung Nai Pang they had dinner in the top floor of the building and cast that attended includes Lee Si Kei, Raymond Lam, Moses Chan. Kate Tsui, Lee Heung Kam, Suzanna Kwan, Tavia Yeung , Lai Lok Yi & Louis Yeun. Also TVB Executives Stephen Chan, Catherine Tsang & Virgina Lok were also present

Leung Nai Pang presented 6 bottles of Red Wine for everyone to drink, Raymond Lam And Louis Yeun drank wine until their faces were all red before the dinner had ended. Raymond Lam who is rumour to have a high chance of winning Best Actor said that he doesn't drink red win but Maotai ( some type of Chinese liquor). The nights big joke was by Moses Chan to Raymond Lam when he said " As the present position of TV king i hope that this year you will become TV king" this made Raymond very happy so they both made a toast together drinking the Maotao but secretly Moses swapped his Maotai ( its like clear liquor) with water. As Raymond was in a high mood he kept drinking till his face turned red. In fact TVB high levels already expected Raymond to drink a lot so they advised him not to drive his car there.

Also fighting for best supporting actress award Lee Heung Kam and Tavia Yeung were present at the dinner but they both supported each other to win the award. What is most important is the friendship and competing is just second place for them.

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