Sunday, October 12, 2008

SBS Popular Song Inkigayo.

Recently, DBSK member Hero Jae Joong caught the cold and infected the other members as well, therefore everyone except Max Changmin suffered from some sort of throat problem. As a result the boys were dead tired after their comeback special on SBS Popular Song Inkigayo.

Their Management explained: "Since the members are together 24 hours a day, transmission can happen very fast."

Due to their busy schedule, trying to protect their throats have turned hactiic, causing the boys to have headaches. *figure of speech meaning it is borthersome*. One of the method the boys came up was to bring their heavy coats to all activities, putting them on after the filming to keep warm.

Hero Jae Joong has even personally bought medicine for himself and the others. Under his supervision, he made sure the members took their medications on time. He's put alot of effect into helping the group recovers.

Those around DBSK has said "Recently the temperature has changed drastically, so it's not easy for them to take care of their health. They are all sick. but still has to sing live, which makes things harder. Luckily, they are putting in extra efforts to take care of themselves so they can continue with their schedule smoothly. Fans shouldn't be worry, the boys will pay more attention to their health from no on."

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