Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rainie Yang ChengLin the Priestess of Cute

Rainie Yang ChengLin, the Priestess of Cute, has been "missing" for a year; her new album, 半熟宣言/Ban Shou Xuan Yan will be released on the 7th of November. Yesterday (October 14, 2008), her record company specially organized a "recording is finished" press conference for her at the recording studio. They celebrated the end of the "producing" segment of her new album.

At the press conference, Rainie first performed her new song 帶我走 [Dai Wo Zou] [Take Me Away], which serves as the ending theme for her drama 不良笑花 [Bu Liang Xiao Hua] [Miss No Good (The Bad Campus Belle)]. 蘇打綠 Sodagreen's 青峰 Qing Feng wrote the song specially for Rainie; she said that, the first time she heard the song, she felt really touched and that she tried very hard to interpret the song and express all the feelings and emotions it was meant to invoke. Thus, Rainie, who has just finished recording her new album, wished to thank Qing Feng especially for writing this song for her.

Because she doesn't know Qing Feng very well, Rainie signed on-line and visited Qing Feng's blog. Using her own account, she left a message of thanks for him. She was afraid that he wouldn't respond to her message because he wouldn't recognize her username; however, Qing Feng actually left a message for Rainie a week later! He said that he was looking forward to hearing her sing the song. His message made Rainie feel very happy!

Rainie was recently nominated for a Golden Bell Award (for Best Female Actress). Her record company came up with the very original and special idea of giving seven sexy red underpants-- to symbolize "good luck"-- to Rainie. They wanted Rainie to wear the underwear for the seven days directly before the Golden Bell Awards; this would bring her luck enable her to take home the big prize!

Included in the seven red undergarments were a lace thong and an adorable sports-type panty. Upon seeing them, Rainie's face turned red and her heart sped up. She laughed loudly and said that seeing the underwear made her eyes swim! She also said that she has never worn a thong before; she is afraid that they wouldn't be very comfortable. She revealed that she has received sexy underwear from both her fans and the crews of her various dramas before, but that she still hasn't worked up the courage to wear them yet. She is much more used to wearing her one-piece pajamas to bed; it's more comfortable. Rainie joked that, if she really wore thongs every day (for seven days) before the Golden Bell Awards, she would be afraid that her skin would become inflamed. If that were to happen, her walk on the red carpet would then be very strange!

Rainie's 小茉莉 [Xiao Mo Li] [Little Jasmine] (for the movie 刺青/Spider Lilies) was nominated for the Golden Horse Awards; this time, her performance in 換換愛 [Huan Huan Ai] [Why Why Love (Exchange Love)] earned her a Golden Bell nomination. Thus, the only "Golden" nomination Rainie is still missing is one for the Golden Melody Awards. Her record company specially made a replica of a Golden Melody Award trophy and presented it to her at the press conference. They hoped that her new album would be nominated in all sorts of categories at this year's Golden Melody Awards... including the biggest honor of all, Best Female Singer of the Year!

Rainie expressed that, actually, when it came to being nominated or winning the big award, she tried to keep very calm. That she was nominated this year made her really happy, but she doesn't think that she'll win the award. Furthermore, she thinks the chances of either 柯素雲 Ke SunYun or her own good friend Ariel Lin YiChen winning are quite good. As for the Golden Melody Awards, she laughed and said that being able to take pictures with a Golden Melody Award "trophy" right after wrapping up her recording made her very happy. Of course, she hopes that she will be nominated this year, but she is trying to keep up a calm composure regarding that as well. She said that it was possible that she wouldn't be nominated for another five years-- maybe!

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