Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rain’s dance tune Rainism

Rain’s dance tune Rainism from his new 5th album of the same title has come under fire for it’s rather explicit lyrics and it has gotten so serious that Rain’s company had to defend him through the media, “The lyrics and song content are definitely not referring to sexual acts between a guy and a woman.”

In a phone interview with J. Tunes Entertainment by SPN Daily, “The lyrics in Rainism are describing the dance movements performed by Rain. We considered using magic stick, body shake to describe the long cane stick dance that Rain had incorporated for the Rainism performance. We never thought that this would become a dispute over whether it was inferring to explicit sexual acts. We never wanted to present that but just the dance only.”

Netizens pointed out that the line “Inside your shaking body, there spins my magic stick” was referring to the male sexual organ, while the line “I’ve felt the unbreakable limit of body shake…” was referring to a sexual act between a man and woman, and questioned the explicit lyrics used, causing Rain to become the brunt of attack. But some showed their support saying that the negativity was too harsh since the album had already passed checks.

example of the "sexual" lyrics:
떨리는 니 몸 안을 돌고 있는 나의 MAGIC STICK/ 더 이상 넘어갈 수 없는 한곌 느낀 BODY SHAKE/ MAKE IT RANISM THE RANISM 내 몸을 느껴 버렸어

My magic stick is spinning in your shivering body. You can’t go beyond my body shake. Make it Rainism The Rainism. Feel my body.”

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