Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drama Listing

TVB's (Last One Standing) has broadcasted its final 2 episodes during last Saturday. The finale has hit an average rating point of 31 (1.95 million audiences) , and the rating points reached 34 at the peak (2.14 million audiences). During its final week of broadcast during the weekdays,the rating points were also 31,a 3 point rise compared to the past weeks. These good results however,was inperfect as the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority has received 20 complaints regarding this show. The main complaints are about the excessive violence and blood in this drama.

Tong Lap Yin (Roger Kwok) is still revengeful

During the last few minutes,there was a scene of Roger Kwok sleeping in his bed at prison but suddenly awakes with revengeful feelings. This scene had made audience feel that the storyline hasnt ended and has been discussing if there is a continuation of the drama next year.

Response from TVB

The Producer for this series,Wong Sum Wai has responded that the ending of a revengeful Tong Lap Yin is to tell the audience that his attititude has not changed,even he was in jail. He was evil from the beginning to the end. In the last moments of the show,Tong Lap Yin misunderstood his ex girlfriend Carmen (Yoyo Meng) has been dating Cheung Seng Hei (Kevin Cheng),thus he became revengeful and was very angry that he awaked suddenly while he was sleeping.

Last One Standing II?!

Asked if there is a continuation of the drama,the producer replied that although a continuation of "Last One Standing II" has not been planned,there will also be a possibility that there is a continuation as the storyline still has spaces of development.

Male Leads Praised

Wong Sun Wai (the producer) has claimed that she has expected such rating points. Some audiences liked the show, but some do not as they claimed it was too gore. Despite this,Wong has praised the 2 male leads,Kevin Cheng's acting skills,and Roger Kwok's ability to act evil roles. Asked if Kevin Cheng has a chance of using his role in this series to win the "TV King" award? Wong daren't answer,just saying that his results are satisfactory and he has a breakthrough in his acting.

Roger Kwok does not mind there is no Gold in this year's trophy

This year, 3D GOLD whom has always sponsered TVB's trophy has withdrawn due to its bankruptcy. The GOLD trophy that 3D GOLD sponsered will be replaced by other materials. Asked if Roger Kwok would mind,he said "Every year,the Trophy costs more than $10,000. It has the meaning of prestige and sublime. This year,the trophy might be made of other materials,i hope the colleagues won't mind. I won't mind too,because i think the trophy would be very creative and special as its made of other materials."

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