Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WonderGirls is at Youtube Again

WonderGirls has yet again received much interests from fans on Youtube.com with their latest hit ‘Nobody’.

In terms of the song’s music video, MV making, performances on music programs and trailer video etc, they were all ranked high on the ‘most views’ rankings on Youtube. Especially for this month, 6 ranks out of the top 8 ranks on ‘most views’ ranking chart on Youtube is occupied by WonderGirls.

1st and 2nd both goes to ‘Nobody’ MV, with more than 1 million views. Not only is the song and its related video popular in Korea itself, it has also attracted a lot of interests and love from music fans all over the globe.

A JYP representative said, “WonderGirls is seen as a trendy and yet hardworking group who continues to give us hits after hits, as from both Korean fans and also people from all over the globe. After So Hot, WonderGirls comes back with a new and interesting concept with ‘Nobody’ which has also a very addiction rhythm enjoyed by many music fans.”

Meanwhile, ‘Nobody’ continues to stay strong at #1 positions on various online music charts.

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