Thursday, November 20, 2008

15th anniversary of Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild

On 12 December, it will be the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, Performing Artistes Glory 15 Years - a retro theme party was held at InterContinental Hotel two nights ago, there were a total of 42 tables. Most of the artistes attended dressed up in 60s and 70s. Among all artistes, the "broom head" of the Wynners were the most eye catching.

The Guild president Alan Tam expressed that he hope that the dinner would be able to raise $2000,000. The Guild will be collaborating with the government to visit primary and secondary schools around Hong Kong, they will be give them some educational talks, show them the videos of the Sichuan earthquake victims, allowing the students to gain more knowledge, in order for them to cherish their studies and living environment.

Andy Lau whom wore the same outfit as dubbing artist Chow Yat Too, he quipped that for this party he specially dig out this hunter outfit from the warehouse, he wore it once when shooting A Dance of a Dream, he also spend lots of time to find the retro looking glasses from many optical shops. His outlook won praises.

As Andy will be staging his concert in Taiwan, but he still delay his schedule to attend this party. There was an auction to raise funds, Andy auction a day with him, other than a free bowling ball, he would accompany the successful bidder for bowling, tea and meals, he quipped: "I'll be charging fees, that day would be very expensive!"

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