Thursday, November 20, 2008

Andy lau is at Taipei Arena on 21 and 22 November 2008

It had been 1 year since Andy Lau made a public appearance in Taiwan, 6 years since his last concert in Taiwan. He touched down in Taiwan last night for his concert on 21 and 22 November 2008 at the Taipei Arena. The tickets are almost sold out, it can be considered as the concert with the best box office in the second half of 2008. Alleged couple Ella of S.H.E and Chun of Fahrenheit had indicated that they would be attending the concert. For the first night, the artistes that would go watch Andy includes Barbie Hsu, Cai Kang Yong, Show Luo, Lollipop and Chun of Fahrenheit.

Hundreds fans were at the airport to welcome him. Andy was dressed in black sportswear with sunglasses, he appeared relaxed. When they see their idol, they could not hold their excitement as they all rushed forward and chased after him, one even lose his/her shoes. Cameras' flash kept flashing and the fans even gave him presents and flowers. When asked what he's currently busy with, Andy quipped: "Busy with my son." When asked why his sons did not followed him, he said: "They came here earlier than me."

As it had been 6 years since his last concert in Taiwan, he exclaimed: "To say the true, I'm quite nervous. I also wanted to thanks the media and fans for not forgetting me, everybody adores me, the tickets are selling so well, I'm very touched." Andy has a strict diet due to his concert, he exclaimed that he can't wait to eat the food in Taiwan. When asked if his concert is over, he would immediately go and eat his favorite spicy steamboat. He quipped: "Of course, I'll like to go and eat, but my schedule is jam packed, thus I've yet made any arrangements."

When reporters asked if his alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu be sneaking into Taiwan to watch his concert, the question was asked thrice. Andy had a complicated expression as he replied: "Aiyah! Please don't ask such questions!"

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