Sunday, November 16, 2008

41st TVB Anniversay Award Ceremony

The 41st TVB Anniversay Award Ceremony was at last shown on TV. TVB veteran Hu Yu and Michelle Yim took the TV King and Queen title. Thanks to "Monlight Resonance" There were no surprises as they were the hot favorites to win. In the run up of the race, Ha Yu has to compete with Raymond Lam (on screen son) .When the result was announced for the best actor award, Ha Yu was in tears. 63 year old Ha Yu has been in the entrertainment industry for 40 years. He said "I have waited for 40 years. I did a lot of movies and TV series. At last I have achieved what I have always wanted. I need to thank "uncle 6" (Sir Run Run Shaw). He has been my boss since I started my acting life.

Ha YU mentioned about his disappointment last year. He locked himself at home for 2 days after the ceremony. He felt he might have a chance since he is still working for TVB. He hoped this is his beginning but not the end. He suddenly spoke in Mandarin, (Sa aunty's golden phrase) You say I can make it, I will make it. You say I won't make it, than I won't make it. I thank everyone who tells me I can make it. Ha Ha Ha." Ha Yu was wondering how come Raymond has so much gossip around him. He said Raymond is a very good guy. Asked if he can now breath better now, he replied he has always been breathing very well.

Michelle Yim was trying to holding back her tears when she received her award. although Hung Aunty (紅姨) is said to be a super woman, she wouldn't want to be seen crying, there were few drops of tears. Michelle gave a speech saying she never dreamed that her role as Hung aunty would result her being the most hated woman in 2008. She thanked her boyfriend Wan Chi Keung (Wan Lo), her family and friend for their support. Michelle talked about her boyfriend Wan Chi Keung with a lot of emotion. Michelle disclosed it has been 30 years from the time she was the young "Wong Yung" to the middle age "Wong Yung", the role she played in "Return of the Codor Heroes" in 1976 to recently being "Hung aunty". She can't believe she is competing foir this award at her age.

Speaking about the rumor that her boyfriend had a stroke and suffered pneumonia the other day needing intensive treatment, Micheele stated that isn't true. She didn't know who has been spreading rumors. It is true that Wan Lo is still in hospital and he even asked her to dress up nicely because he has confidence that she is going to get the award. He even asked the doctors and nurses to upport her. Asked if she would announce her wedding is going to get married now that she got her award, Michelle smiled saying Wan Lo had proposed to her several times, but they haven't got any plan to get married yet. Asked if she get another proposal tonight from him, what would the answer be? Michelle replied " It's about time too." Michelle would be visiting him later on in the evening.

The Best Supporting Actor Award went to Wayne Lai. When it was announced, everybody clapped and cheered for him. Tavia beats Lee Heung Kam to take the Best Supporting Actress Award. When she told the audience Kam Jei should be taking the award, she had earned a lot of cheers too. Louse Lee got the "Most Favourte Actress Award". She disclosed that she told TVB that she wanted to pull out of the race because she was under a lot of stress. But TVB had refused her request and let her continue to be in the race.

Somebody is happy and somebody is sad. Raymond was not looking too happy when he took the Award and even when he got his second award :the "Most Favourite Actor Award", he wasn't exactly over the moon. He expressed that he was not too disappointed. He had two awards already and he will work even harder.

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