Sunday, November 16, 2008

TVB's Award Ceremony 2008

TVB's Award Ceremony 2008 began at exactly 8:30pm tonight, with a number of artistes dressing up extravagantly to attend the event at Tseung Kwan O city. Myolie Wu won the night's first award, TVB's Most Fashionable Artiste Award, which was presented by designer 張天愛. When Myolie received her award, she was very emotional and nearly cried.

Myolie said in her thank you speech: "Thank you, I never thought I would win an award tonight. If Miss Cheung Tin Oi says that herself is not beautiful, then I must be very ugly. Most Fashionable Artiste? I don't think I deserve the title, but I really hope that my love for fashion can transform me from an ordinary girl to a fashionable girl. I really have to thank all my sponsors, and also to all my "sisters" (Myolie's female friends in the industry)."

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