Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bing Crosby sang White Christmas

“Although Bing Crosby has died, his song ‘White Christmas’ is still loved by everyone around the world,” Lee said. “We too wanted to make a symbolic song that can be heard everywhere in the winter. In times of economic troubles, we thought it would be nice to dedicate this song to the underprivileged in our society, such as senior citizens living alone.”

He added all the proceeds that would go to the creators of the song -- Lee, Kim, Hareem and iMBC -- for each song or ringtone download, or about W250 (US$1=W1,480) each, will be donated to charity. If the song is downloaded 100,000 times, that would amount to W25 million. Profits from karaoke installation and airplay will be added to this.

Lee will sing the song for the first time on his radio program on Saturday. The newly picked goodwill ambassador for Seoul will officially announce his donation plan during the appointment ceremony on Dec. 3 at Seoul City Hall. The beneficiaries and other details remain to be discussed.

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