Thursday, November 27, 2008

'The Fashion Evolution' (潮男正传) officially release his album in December

After preparing for a year, under the anticipation of thousands of fans, Show Luo Zhi Xiang (罗志祥) will officially release his album in December, called 'The Fashion Evolution' (潮男正传). The contents of the album will be revealed bit by bit. An EMI representative expressed: "Xiao Zhu (小猪) is indeed a man of many talents! In his new album, he will have a breakthrough in both music and dancing; he will provide a performance that will impress many, and he will add in a lot of his ideas towards music and life. All these is course for anticipation, and will definitely be the most stunning in this year's market." Ever since he debuted, Show's music and dance steps are always something that young people work towards to, and his image is the pinnacle of style, ever since his '4 Heavenly King' days with bright suits and centre parting, to his stylish image now. Other than listening to the advice of professional stylists, he himself has taken a lot of pains in his image. To exhibit the journey of how he changed, Show thought of 'a theory of evolution', and in his new album, you would see his many images over the years. After photographing, he said: "I want to leave all the memories with me!"

Show, who is called the 'It-Style Male Representative' by the outside world, expressed: "My album is called 'The Fashion Evolution', because I feel that I really don't know what is the it style now!" He said: "To me, 'style' is an attitude you take towards music and life, my style can only be measured in inches!" Show also interestingly used his 'Pig-style' to substitute 'style's real meaning, "Doesn't everyone feel that style now is shown by the size you wear? For all those who wish to go the hip hop style, they wear size XL, super large size pants! All those who wants to go the 'fashionable boy' style, they wear clothes that are L size! For all those who wants to be more fashionable, they would wear those really fitting, narrow shirt and trousers, which is M size!" Show's own 'Fashion size argument', really let the workers and professional stylists by his side admire him.

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