Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ethan Ruan is a regular at fashion events

Ethan Ruan is a regular at fashion events, and after seeing lots, he is now pro at arranging clothes himself. Yesterday, Amber Guo visited the cast of “Defeated Queen” and Ethan was wearing 2 jackets outside a T-shirt. One was a yellow jacket with a checkered collar, and outside that was another leather jacket. Even though he plays the role of a very ordinary working-class man, his clothes definitely displayed his high fashion style.

Ethan laughed and said that during filming of “Fated To Love You”, as he played the role of Ji Cun Xi, he always had to wear suits, and this gave him a big headache. But as for this role, he can wear his own favourite clothes and show it off to everyone, he is especially happy that he can wear jeans. However, he who is already 27 years old has to play a 20-year old guy this time, and everyday he has to practise acting cute infront of the mirror!

The night before yesterday was a big battle between idol dramas. “Invincible Shan Bao Mei”, “Miss No Good” and “Love or Bread” ratings were all very close, but “Invincible Shan Bao Mei” s kiss scene evidently let it take the top position in ratings once again. This made Amber Guo very happy. However, when Ethan saw the 2, after only a few words of congratulations, the topic quickly changed to bed scenes. Ethan teased them saying, “You guys were only chatting with the blanket over yourself, that is called bed scene? Then me and Cheryl are really filming a martial arts film!” His tone evidently suggests that he thinks of himself as “King of bed scenes”. Amber shyly replied, “That’s because Nicholas is too polite la!”

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