Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Music Monster Festival

Recently Lollipop participated in Singapore event “Music Monster Festival”, 3000 fans attended and their screams made Lollipop barely hear the music. To give the Singapore fans a surprise A Wei, Ao Quan and Xiao Jie especially cut and choreograph a new dance name “終極毀滅舞”.

Xiao Jie hurt his leg during practice so he was only able to remember the choreograph and the stage movements. Before performing Wei Lian helped him to bandage and Xiao Jie endure the pain while dancing, he said “Had to perform live while I haven’t been practicing dancing for 2 weeks, so nervous!” Luckily the performance went well.

Other than the Music Monster Festival concert Lollipop also held a autograph event, a lot of fans participated but every fans obey the rules which made the event went smoothly. Lollipop also signed more than 3600 copies of their CDs, Ao Quan said “We hardly go to Singapore so even if our hands are sore we still sign!” Other than performing, Lollipop was also looking forward to Singapore’s foods; Wei Lian especially went on a diet for 2 weeks just to eat.

But the one who ate the most was A Wei, he ate so much that he looks like a pregnant lady. While getting up to the toilet he would need Ao Quan to move, while moving A Wei said “Move, don’t block my baby and me!” In Lollipop only A Wei who doesn’t like eating vegetables their manager afraid that he get stroke and especially told him to get more vegetables but while nice food ahead A Wei can’t help it. Instead of eating vegetable he drank 5 cups of watermelon juice, thought that would be enough for his health but manager just replied him “Eating seafood and drinking watermelon juice watch out for diarrhea!”

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