Monday, November 03, 2008

Golden Bell Awards Ceremony

On the night of 31st October 2008, at the Golden Bell Awards Ceremony, everyone’s hearts were in their voices and eyes. The few ‘Drama Queens in waiting’ were waiting under the stage, jewels flashing, waiting for their turn to go onstage.

Angela Zhang Shao Han, Rainie Yang Chen Lin, Joe Chen Qiao En, Ariel Lin Yi Chen. When you hear these four names, you know this is war. All possessing youthful goods looks, they were all the queens of idol dramas, having millions of fans; they all have admirable acting talent, each of their dramas would achieve new heights in ratings. In a few minutes, one of them would win the Best Actress title and become the Heavenly Queen of Idol Dramas, also becoming the youngest and the first ever to win the title for a commercialised idol drama.

When her name was announced, we saw her wearing a white lacy skirt and walking up the stage to receive the prize from the presenters.

There were no tears or speechlessness, this young lady, who just celebrated her 26th birthday, expressed her thoughts and maturity in her thank you speech with a serious and clear tone. The words used were accurate, and she even playfully flirted with her ‘husband’ from the drama.

She is Lin Yi Chen, representing Ba Da Television channel’s idol drama “It Started with a Kiss II”, winning the title of Best Female Lead Actor in the 43rd Taiwan Golden Bell Award.

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