Monday, November 03, 2008

New Version Journey to the West

The most renowned mythical novel in China, "Journey to the West", as is also known as "Monkey King", will have another new versioned TV series among its many TV incarnations.

While director Zhang Jizhong's version has been in pre-production for nearly two years, it seems less-famed director Cheng Lidong will put out a Monkey King TV series earlier than him.

The 28-part show started filming at the end of last month, with a series of promotional photos being released on Sunday.

Hong Kong starlet Victor Chen, younger brother of singer Kelly Chen, plays the part of Monk Xuanzang and Peking opera actor Fei Yang is cast as the Monkey King Sun Wukong.

The production is a joint venture of Zhengjiang Yongle Film and TV Company and actress Fan Bingbing's studio, said Mu Xiaoguang, Fan's manager and producer of the drama.

The series is scheduled to be shot in eight months.

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