Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jay Chou event in Taiwan to Azio TV

Asia heavenly king Jay Chou has given his last promotional event in Taiwan to Azio TV, but it was not fated for Jay Chou to meet his ex girlfriend Patty Hou as he came to record the show at Azio TV. On the "Capricorn Magic Competition" held by the show, Jay Chou smiled saying he already went crazy over magic, even though he was there as a guest, but he couldn't help himself and showed off his new trick, he started off with a "sipping milk through thin air" trick, he smiled saying: "Drinking alcohol is bad for you, it's better to drink milk." The astonishing magic caused the audience to applaud and cheer.

Even though it's not everyday he gets to take on the "side role" on the show, but Jay Chou didn't mind at all, he was really into it for the whole competition, he also hoped the audience would give more applause to the competitors. There was a competitor who performed a table levitation, Jay Chou amusingly moved his hands along with it, he pretended he was the one making the table float. When he saw amazing performances, not only did Jay Chou's expression radiant with delight, he also generously praised it "Very diao", "Very amazing", "It scared me a bit", he was not stingy with giving encouragement and praise.

There was a tall and big competitor who played Arabian feeling music when he performed, Jay Chou joked saying: "This music really suits you, but if you switch your prop from a cup to lamp, that'll definitely be great." Jay Chou's passion for magic and his friendly attitude made a competitor speak out what was in their heart: "I'm performing the clown and the magician today, I want to tell Jay Chou, I'm the clown, he's the magician."

On the day of the competition 5 competitors went into the finals, the winner at the end was a 16 year old boy, amazingly he got the card Jay Chou picked into a bottle, he also brought along exciting spiritual prophecies, at the end he got the support of 7 out of the 10 judges, he won and became the champion of the "Capricorn Magic Competition", he also got the mobile phone Jay Chou is spokesperson for. When Jay Chou was commenting on it, he expressed that magic is a happy thing, he hopes that the audience won't always try and figure out the magician, "Because no matter whether magic is real or fake, the frame of mind that the magician has of wanting to give a good performance for the audience is definitely real."

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