Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Golden Bell Queen Ariel Lin

New Golden Bell Queen Ariel Lin meets with 2 guys in Tokyo. Jerry Yan had just left, but then she bumped into her old partner Joe Cheng at Narita Airport. What is even more coincident is that although the 2 were attending different functions, they were wearing similar gray couple outfits; tacit understanding is indeed very good.

Ariel and Joe have already collaborated 3 times, obviously the tacit understanding is really good. Ariel earlier went to Japan to attend the press conference for her new drama “Extravagant Challenge” and one day later, Joe also went to Tokyo to attend a DVD promotion event for “It Started With A Kiss”. Coincidentally, the 2 were both on the same flight back home, but even more, Joe revealed that during filming, “Whenever it was raining, we would both come out wearing gumboots, and otherwise we would wear same colour, same style outfits without knowing what the other is wearing, even we feel surprised ourselves.”

The 2’s new drama “Love or Bread” has just aired, and the ratings are slightly behind. Joe immediately said, “Many people think that the cross-dress scene would be in the first episode, but they didn’t see it, but the second episode, it will definitely come out, everyone please be patient and watch!”

Initially, Jerry and Ariel’s new drama “Extravagant Challenge” wanted Joe to play the role of Ariel’s ex-boyfriend, however Joe was worried that there was not enough screen-time so he rejected. Although the 2 missed out on the chance of a 4th collaboration, Joe has become red-hot popular in Japan due to “It Started With A Kiss”. Because the manga writer has passed away for exactly 10 years, Japan held an “It Started With A Kiss” event to commemorate teacher Tada Kaoru and Taiwanese version Joe Cheng and Japanese version Aiko Sato were invited to attend the event.

Ariel on the other hand is not worried that she is left out in the cold in Japan, saying, “Well, Japan is male idol’s world.” However, as many Taiwanese dramas have been aired in Japan, sources report that Ariel Lin, Da S and Rainie Yang are the 3 most popular actresses in Japan.

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