Wednesday, November 19, 2008

YUI released her B-side best album " MY SHORT STORIES "

Last week, singer-songwriter YUI released her B-side best album "MY SHORT STORIES." The collection sold a total of 174,000 copies to take #1 for the week. Mr.Children had a B-side album top the charts in May 2007, but the only female artist to previously achieve that was Seiko Matsuda in 1984. "MY SHORT STORIES" also marks YUI's third consecutive number-one album.

Three other female singers entered the top ten: Beyonce (#3), Christina Aguilera (#5), and Enya (#6). Dir en grey managed to make #4 with their new album, while The Birthday edged into the #10 spot.

On the singles chart, Dreams Come True took #1 with 46,000 copies of their latest, "Tsuretette Tsuretette." While the group now has 11 number-one singles, this is their first since becoming a duo in 2002. Their last chart-topper came 9 years and 10 months ago, which sets a record for the longest gap between number-ones by a group.

Right behind Dreams Come True were The GazetteE and the reunited girl band SPEED. The rest of the top ten included ORANGE RANGE, Mika Nakashima, Mai Satoda, Buono!, and The Gospellers.

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