Monday, November 03, 2008

SHINee released another New repackage album

Cute flower boys SHINee released their repackage album and is gaining popularity. Including their 1st album songs they have added 4 new songs, their repackage album title song is Ah.Mi.Go which is a shorten version of If You Love a Beauty You Will Suffer and it means Friend in Spanish.

SHINee is planning to show charisma in this album. If they showed a cute YunHaNam with Replay, with this title song they are planning to show the charisma of boys and make the noonas nervous. Especially in Amigo the melody "Ice Princess is Here. Oh Sexy~" is unique and fun. Yoo YoungJoon wrote the song and X-perimental composer participated in the song as well. It has a powerful sound and fun lyrics. SHINee is determined to become the best new artist this year with this song.

SHINee is between the age of 16 and 19 and is composed of 5 members Onew, Taemin, JongHyun, Minho and Key. They received attention even from their trainee years and they are a new Idol group produced by SM Entertainment. SHINee is a talented group and can sing and dance. SHINee is a idol group that debuted in May and they already have 3 albums, their single, 1st album and repackage album. So fans thought SHINee wasn't a new group.

"Wherever we go people think we have been performing for over 1 year. But we haven't even been out for 1 year yet. We have a lot to learn." (Minho) The common thing about these boys is that they picked music as their road at a young age and is walking on that road now. The current generation is known to quit fast but they haven't shown any weaknesses. The members dreamed of becoming a singer in preschool & junior high and tried the SM Entertainment audition. Key had to repeat the audition in order to pass. So to them music wasn't just a simple curiosity.

"I was able to pass the SM audition after trying again. The audition was only picking 2 people and the competition was fierce. I was one of those 2 people. My family did oppose at first but while i performed as SHINee and came out on TV they gave me support." (Key)

To them music wasn't just a dream but reality. SHINee is a idol group but they have already become a musician with firm goals. Their goal is not just becoming a simple idol group but being recognized as a musician. So instead of concentrating on special genres, they want to listen to various music and learn from them and Establish their own color.

"We still have a lot to learn so we don't want to make any limits/boundaries. We don't want to devote ourselves on one genre but we want to listen to various music and establish our own color. That's our goal." (Onew) SHINee is filled with passion to learn and I'm getting curious about where their curiosity and the fan's love will lead them to.

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