Monday, November 03, 2008

Chen Qiao En lose at Golden Bell award

Even though Chen Qiao En did not win the Golden Bell award as expected, her love life is sweeter than anyone else.

On the 31th of October at the Golden Bell award ceremony, her Australian boyfriend Michael quietly appeared backstage. He came especially to support his girlfriend.

A golden hair foreigner suddenly appeared at the backstage of the Golden Bell award and caused everyone to give him a second look. It was not until, under the company of Chen Qiao En’s assistant, he walked around the backstage entrance that everyone realized that he is Chen Qiao En’s foreigner boyfriend Michael. However, Chen Qiao En went on stage immediately after changing clothes to present award. Michael did not see her after waiting for very long and had to return to the audience seats, using his eyes to support his girlfriend onstage.

Michael works in a foreign bank and his Chinese standard is not bad. Normally he doesn’t speak much and always act as the man behind Chen Qiao En’s back. Chen Qiao En Li Shi Xiang manager said: “Michael did come, but he is not sure what the “Golden Bell award” is. So he came and looked.”

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