Thursday, November 13, 2008

Six years since their 9th album back in 2002

“I like hosting a music program, but I enjoy singing quite a lot, too.” So saith actress Kim Jung-eun, who is now taking a stab at singing. Her vocals will be featured on the comeback album for folk-pop duo Tour Sketch [여행스케치], who is coming out with a new (mini) album after six years since their 9th album back in 2002.

Apparently, Kim made Tour Sketch’s acquaintance back when they were guests on the radio program she hosted in 2000, and they maintained a friendship over the years.

Kim’s track “A Rising Star” [별이 뜬다네] offers a parodic twist on Tour Sketch’s debut track from 1989, “A Falling Star” [별이 진다네], setting “bright vocals” to a reggae rhythm. (Listen to the original song below.) This album will be produced in a “diary” format, with the CD tucked in the back of the book, which contains travel pictures taken by the group members.

In addition to hosting a music talk program, Kim Jung-eun’s Chocolate, she is set to star in the upcoming General Hospital 2, which premieres next Wednesday.

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