Saturday, November 22, 2008

Taiwan stallion Ethan Ruan new drama “Defeated Queen”

Taiwan stallion Ethan Ruan is currently filming for his new drama “Defeated Queen”. When describing a passionate bed scene with Cheryl Yang, he blurted out, “She sees that I’m so small, and immediately kicks me off the bed!” Looking at everyone’s dumbfounded expressions, he immediately clarified, “Is age small la.”

Following SETTV’s “Fated To Love You”, Ethan’s new drama “Defeated Queen” has already begun filming, and tells of an older girl-younger guy story. During practise, he had bed scenes with each of Cheryl Yang, Sui Tang, Su Hui Lun. When filming officially began, he immediately got into the bed with Cheryl. Ethan should be quite familiar with this already, and during the scene, he took off his t-shirt, and passionately kissed Cheryl from the sofa, to the wall, and finally to the bed. However, Cheryl is obviously not used to this, and facing the unfamiliar Ethan, her neck was so stiff that she had a spasm, and almost couldn’t continue filming.

Back when he had his bed scene with Chen Qiao En, they 2 were also very unfamiliar with each other. Now, it is the same situation with Cheryl. Ethan admitted that with both these girls, he filmed bed scenes with them first before getting to know them better. However, his biggest worry right now is that, previously his Taichung friends kept asking him, “Is Qiao En hot?” and now is going to change into, “Is Cheryl hot?”

Cheryl Yang and Wen Shen Hao acted as husband and wife in the film “1895”, and had kiss scenes. Now, they are going to act as a couple again in “Defeated Queen”. When asked about comparisions of the kiss scene between Wen Sen Hao and Ethan, Cheryl obviously wanted to avoid this question, and in the end, awkwardly said that with Wen Shen Hao, because of the time which the movie is set, it was the ancient kind of method, and with Ethan she replied, “It’s more of a playful type of kiss.”

“Defeated Queen” was initially called “My Defeated Queen” but because they wanted to avoid similarity with GTV’s “Love or Bread”, they changed to “Defeated Queen” instead, and Ethan must compete against his good friend Joe Cheng once again.

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