Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wonder Girls Tell Me " So Hot " album

The following are statistics compiled by the Music Industry Association of Korea (MIAK) pertaining to the album sales volume for the Wonder Girls Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody albums for the months of August and September.

Nobody had some amazing numbers upon it’s release on 22nd September, selling 28,160 copies (No.20), it’s best-ever showing since it’s debut.

So Hot have sold a total of 45,737 copies (No.17) since it was released on 3rd June with 3,946 shipped for the month of August. It proceeded to sell 3,762 copies (No.11) in September with accumulated sales of 49,499 albums.

Wonder Girls first album The Wonder Years came in at No.47 with accumulated sales of 72,823, selling 993 copies in August. Numbers for September were unavailable as it dropped out of the top 50 finally after nearly a year.

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