Friday, December 05, 2008

Filming ‘Fated To Love You’

After filming ‘Fated To Love You’, Chen Qiao En has completely said goodbye to ‘sticky note girl’ as she poses for the December issue of ‘GQ Magazine’, wearing only fur on her upper body. The first time doing a sexy photoshoot, her mood is evidently quite nervous, and had to drink a lot of red wine: “Last time when I filmed bed scene for ‘Fated to Love You’ my mum was very angry when she saw it, this time if she sees these photos, I’m scared she might kill me!”

Qiao En reveals that she only loves herself and her cat, and has no vision about marriage, because she has no way to determine how much she loves the man infront of her: ‘So in my life, am I only going to love this one man? Will I never feel anything again for any other men?”
Qiao En doing this kind of annoucement, perhaps it is because she and her white boyfriend Michael are having some kind of relationship crisis? Her manager Li Shi Xiang clarified saying that they are fine, and Qiao En is only saying this as it is her personality problem, does not mean that she will change her feelings.

During the photoshoot, Qiao En had fur wrapped around her shoulders, and in the middle of her body, revealed her full D-cup breasts. If it wasn’t for red wine, she would definitely not have enough courage to stand infront of the photographer, and do a variety of sultry poses. However, Qiao En’s mind is full of performance, she has a 40-inch projecter at her home, and whenever she has time, she will stay at home to watch DVD, and when encountering a special storyline, she will continue to pause and re-wind, to carefully examine how other people act. Just like Julia Robert’s ‘Notting Hill’ or Sammi Cheng’s ‘My Left Eye Sees Ghosts”, Qiao En is basically able to recite the whole script.

Lately, Qiao En and Ming Dao have gone to Beijing to film ‘Staying By Sunshine, Staying By You’ and the storyline tells of 2 sisters competing for 1 guy. Because Qiao En plays the role of a dancer, she flew there a lot earlier to take up intensive dance training, and even when she injured her back, she did not dare to rest. At the end, her character will also go blind, indeed is a very challenging role.

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